5 Pack -Speck Candyshell Grip Case for Moto Z Play - Quartz Pink/River Blue

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This is a 5 pack! The CandyShell Grip is perfect for hardcore gamers serious texters or anyone who wants a better grip on their device. It offers the same sweet dual-layer protection as Speck’s popular CandyShell--soft shock-absorbent rubber on the inside and hard plastic on the outside. The rubbery lining absorbs shock and also extends to a bezel which protects the device if it falls screen-first and gives it no-slip stability when users place it face down. Ridged rubbery fingerpads on the back are designed to give users a winning grip. And the four thumb-bumps on the edge bezel lock in thumb placement so users won't lose track of their virtual buttons when they're going for a high score!

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