5 Pack -Universal Milante Leather Case for Kyocera S2100 Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro Motorola WX295

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Universal Milante Leather Case for Kyocera S2100 Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro Motorola WX295

Carry your mobile phone in comfort and style with designer cases from Milante. Abruzzi leather vertical case with magnetic closure and ratcheting belt clip.

  • Black with white contract stitching Enclosed Face Vertical Leather Case

Compatible with:

  • Blackberry: 8100c Pearl Red 8110 8220 Kickstart 8220 Pearl Flip
  • HTC: Cleo Fuze Pure Shadow Shadow 2 Touch Dual (CDMA) Touch Dual (GSM Neon) Touch Dual (GSM Nike) Touch Pro (CDMA Verizon) Touch Pro (CDMA) Touch Pro (GSM)
  • Kyocera: Adreno S2400 E1100 Neo K312 K325 Cyclops Melo S1300 S2400 Adreno S2410 Streak S4000 Mako S5000 Lightning Streak S2410
  • LG: AX140 AX145 AX155 AX245 AX275 AX300 AX380 AX390 AX500 Swift AX565 AX585 Rhythm AX830 Glimmer AX8600 CB630 Invision CF360 CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHERRY CHOCOLATE MINT CHOCOLATE PINK CHOCOLATE WHITE CP150 CT810 Incite CU575 CU915 CU915 Vu Flare Helix UX310 Invision LG600G LG830 Spyder LW310 HELiX LX165 LX400 Blue LX400 Burgundy LX570 Muziq Black Muziq Pink TRAX UX145 UX210 UX245 UX280 Wine UX300 UX310 UX310 Helix UX380 UX390 UX565 UX830 VX3400 VX3450 VX5300 VX5500 VX8300 VX8360 VX8500 VX8550 Ice Blue VX8560 Chocolate 3 VX8600 Red VX8600 Silver VX8610 Decoy VX8700 VX9100 enV2 VX9400 VX9600 Versa VX9700 Dare WAVE
  • Motorola: ACTV EM330 KRZR K1 KRZR K1m KRZR K1m Fire Red Krave ZN4 MOTO Z6c World Edition MOTORAZR V3xx Gray MOTORAZR V3xx Pink MOTORAZR V3xx Platinum MOTORAZR V3xx Ruby Red MOTORAZR maxx Ve MOTORIZR Z6tv MOTOROKR U9 PICO RAZR V3 RAZR V3 Bubble Gum Pink RAZR V3 Magenta RAZR V3a RAZR V3c RAZR V3c Pink RAZR V3i RAZR V3i DG RAZR V3m RAZR V3m ProjectRed RAZR V3r RAZR V3s RAZR V3t RAZR2 V8 RAZR2 V9 (GSM) RAZR2 V9m RAZR2 V9x RIZR Z3 SLVR L72 SLVR L9 V195 V197 V365 V750 Adventure V950 Renegade VA76r Tundra VE20 Vegas VE240 VE465 Frost VU204 VU30 Rapture W175 W220 W230a W233 Renew W315 W375 W376 W377 W380 W385 W395 W450 W490 W755 i570 i576 i580 i776 i850 i880 i885 i920 i930 ic902
  • Nokia: 1006 1208 1606 1680 2600 2605 Mirage 2680 3500 3606 3610 5310 5610 6205 6301 6650 6750 Mural 7510 7610 Supernova Mural 6750 N79 N81 N85 N96
  • Samsung: Adorn SCH-R600 Alias 2 SCH-U750 Blast Glyde Hue 2 SCH-R600 Knack Messager SCH-A645 SCH-A870 SCH-A990 SCH-R210 Spex SCH-R300 SCH-R310 Byline SCH-R410 SCH-R420 Tint SCH-R430 MyShot SCH-R450 SCH-R460 MyShot II SCH-R470 TwoStep SCH-R550 Jetset SCH-R600 Adorn SCH-R600 Hue 2 SCH-R610 SCH-U310 SCH-U340 SCH-U420 SCH-U430 SCH-U490 Trance SCH-U490 Violin SCH-U520 SCH-U540 SCH-U550 SCH-U650 Sway SCH-U706 Muse SCH-U710 SCH-U740 Alias SCH-U750 Alias 2 SCH-U810 Renown SCH-U900 SCH-U940 SGH-A137 SGH-A226 SGH-A227 SGH-A237 SGH-A637 SGH-A707 SGH-A717 SGH-A777 SGH-A867 Eternity SGH-T109 SGH-T119 SGH-T209 SGH-T229 SGH-T239 SGH-T309 SGH-T319 SGH-T329 SGH-T339 SGH-T409 SGH-T419 SGH-T439 SGH-T619 SGH-T629 SGH-T729 SGH-T819 SGH-T919 Behold SGH-T929 Memoir SPH-A513 Fin SPH-A523 Mysto SPH-M220 SPH-M300 SPH-M310 SPH-M320 SPH-M500 SPH-M510 SPH-M520 SPH-M540 Rant SPH-M630 Highnote SYNC SGH-A707 Black SYNC SGH-A707 Blue SYNC SGH-A707 Red Snap Tint SCH-R420 Trance SCH-U490 Violin SCH-U490
  • Sony Ericsson: C702 C902 C905 CS8 K850 S500i TM506 W300 W350 W380 W595 W760i Z555

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