5 Pack -Universal Sanyo barrel Travel Charger for KX9 M1000 S1000 PCS1400 CDM8932

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This is a 5 pack!

Premium Universal Travel Charger

Wireless Solutions Premium Travel Charger with folding AC blades. It is a high quality great value wall charger. Available in attractive retail packaging that promotes self selection and consumer education.

  • Travel Wall Charger with Folding Blades

Compatible With:

  • Audiovox: CDM8400 CDM8410 CDM8450 CDM8900 CDM9900 CDM9950 VI600
  • Kyocera: 1135 1155 2119 2135 2235 2255 2325 2345 3225 3245 3250 4130 7135 AKTIV BLADE ENERGI K404 K480 K484XLC K490 K494XLC K9 KE424 KE433C KE434C KOI KX1 KX1i KX1v KX2 KX424 KX440 KX444 KX9d Oystr KX9e Oystr M1000 QCP2035 RAVE SOHO
  • LG: LX225 PM225 VX3200
  • Qualcomm: QCP 2035
  • Samsung: MM-A700 SCH-N300 SPH-A460 SPH-A560 SPH-A600 SPH-A620 SPH-A660 SPH-A680 SPH-A700 SPH-A740 SPH-A760 SPH-A800 SPH-A820 SPH-A840 SPH-A880 SPH-A920 SPH-A940 SPH-N400 VGA1000 VI660 VM-A680
  • Sanyo: 4930 7400 8200 MM-8300 MM-9000 RL7300 SCP-200 SCP-2400 SCP-3100 SCP-5500 SCP-7300 VI2300 VM4500
  • UTStarcom: CDM7025 CDM7075 CDM8460 CDM855 CDM8610 CDM8615 CDM8625 CDM8910 CDM8912 CDM8915 CDM8920 CDM8930 CDM8932 CDM8940 PCS1400 Slice

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