Airlink Raven Edge Wireless Cellular GSM Modem E3214E-CA

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AirLink Raven-E EDGE Ethernet Modem

The AirLink Raven Ethernet is the perfect solution for networks PCs or any device requiring an Ethernet interface to high-speed cellular data networks. It’s interoperable with any standard Ethernet router or residential gateway so no special cabling or equipment is required. The Raven-E is optimal for providing primary network connectivity or as a failover/backup option required for high reliability/availability applications. For more advanced network requirements the Raven-E also provides an option for either public or private IP (NAT) GRE/IP-SEC pass-through and SNMP management.

  • Rugged device for EDGE mobile data connections
  • High-speed connectivity for any PC or handheld
  • Backup network connectivity for routers and servers
  • Physical connectivity options include Serial or Ethernet

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