Carbon XT 10w Qi Wireless Magnetic Charger With Suction Cup Mount

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CARBON XT 10W Qi Wireless Magnetic Charger with Suction Cup Mount Wireless Smartphone Mount: This smartphone and tablet charger features wireless charging capabilities with up to 10 Watts of power. Suction cup mounts securely to hold your phone or tablet in place, even on rough terrain Charging Mount for Smartphones: This phone holder for cars, trucks and SUVs features industrial magnets with a seamless quick-snap grip. An illuminated ring indicates phone's charging status The Driving Experience: We offer a large selection of products that meet most exterior and interior vehicle and garage needs including car care, steering wheel covers, compasses, tire gauges, air compressors and more Custom Mobile Accessories: Our mobile accessories include high speed chargers, durable charging cords, power management items, phone holders and hands-free audio options for your car, truck and SUV Custom Accessories Mobile: We offer unmatched mobile products that are innovative and top quality, at an afforable price.

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