Carcomm Qtek 8500 i-mate SmartFlip SPV F600 Handsfree DSP Car Kit

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Carcomm Qtek 8500 Handsfree DSP Car Kit

This professional Hands Free DSP Carkit is specially designed and developed for Smartphones.

The high performance DSP processor ensures the best echo cancelling noise reduction and full duplex conversation.

The main unit has an integrated high efficiency charging system which charges the Smartphone and powers for example a Bluetooth GPS Receiver.

Integrated inside the main unit is a mute box system. This mute box system disconnects the left front and both rear car radio speakers and takes over the right front speaker. It also mutes the car radio automatically during a phone call when playing audio or when a voice command is given by the navigation software.

Attached to the main unit is the cradle The cradle uses the original manufacturers cradle connector. By using this original cradle connector and by the perfect fit to the Smartphone the Smartphone is protected in the best way possible.

Integrated in the Mobile Smartphone Cradle is an external antenna coupler. Which makes it possible to connect an external GSM antenna to the FME Male connector. The external antenna coupler provides a better reception and less radiation on the vehicles electronics.

Standard this kit comes with the Hands Free DSP Unit Smartphone Cradle CSC-002 Rotating Swivel CIPC-14 Power Cable CHCM-14 Microphone and 2 screw sets.

Please note: We recommend that you test the car kit before installation as they cannot be returned after installation. Please follow the installation instructions carefully and read all safety information.

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