GLIDiC Sound Air TW-5000s True Wireless Earbuds Headphones - White

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The Sound Air TW-5000s Wireless Earbuds boasts advanced features not found anywhere else in the market, including a multi-communication mode, voice calling with audio capabilities in both ears, and long-lasting standby times lasting up to 60 days. Sound While many earbuds on the market have noise cancelling capabilities, this functionality can cause users to miss important announcements and environmental sounds. The TW-5000s model’s multi-communication mode offers added convenience and safety for users by allowing in select environmental sounds such as train announcements and vehicle sounds. The multicommunication mode allows in these environmental sounds without compromising exceptional audio quality. In another innovative move, GLIDiC has crafted the TW-5000s earbuds with user satisfaction in mind by creating a product that allows wearers to hear sounds from phone calls in both ears instead of just one, enhancing the user experience. Battery Life The TW-5000s earbuds feature extended battery life compared to the TW-5000 model. When in standby mode and stored in their case, listeners can enjoy up to 60 days of battery standby time, an improvement of nearly four times the battery life of GLIDiC’s previous model. Intuitive Multi-Function Buttons Housed within the ergonomic ear bud units are multi-function buttons that allow users to easily control their listening experience. Both ear buds feature a multi-function button that that allows complete control of audio while listening to music, accepting or making a phone call, adjusting the volume, or activating and controlling the unit’s voice assistant. The accompanying product manual highlights the multi-function button commands. Award-Winning Design GLIDiC earbuds have received accolades from a number of industry experts and publications. In 2018, GLIDiC products were awarded the Chicago Good Design Award for sleek, professional style and exceptional functionality.

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