High Strength Articulating Mount - WiFi Antennas

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Ventev's TerraWave High Strength Universal Articulating Mount offers a rugged installation solution for pole or wall mounted antennas and other WLAN accessories that may be installed in challenging environmental conditions. The stainless steel mount and accompanying stainless steel mounting hardware create a strong, reliable mounting platform. The mount articulates horizontally and vertically for extremely flexible mounting positions, and accommodates most types of low profile antennas – regardless of polarization - for both indoor and outdoor applications. Every TerraWave product is RoHS compliant, and is covered byVentev's two-year TerraNet warranty program. For more information, contact a regional sales executive at 210-375-8482, 800-851-4965 or sales@terrawave.com, or visit www.terrawave.com.

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