iGo Powerxtender Bundle with BlackBerry Palm HTC Tips (A32 A43 A53) US

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iGo Powerxtender Bundle with BlackBerry Palm HTC Tips (PWXR A32 A43 A53) US

The iGo powerXtender provides emergency power for your mobile gadgets anywhere you go using just 2 AA batteries (alkalines included). You'll get up to 10 hours of talking 20 hours of game playing or 28 hours of audio playback (see note) when combined with one of iGo's separately available interchangeable Power Tips which are configured to precisely fit and charge specific models of mobile phones MP3 players and other gadgets. The iGo powerXtender is compatible with over 3 000 mobile devices including today's most popular brands as well as iPod/iPhone most cell phones Bluetooth headsets portable gaming devices GPS systems and more. Visit the iGo Finder to make sure your device is compatible .

Included Tips:

  • BlackBerry: Bold 9000 Series Curve 8300 series Pearl 8100 series 100 series 7200 series 8700 series 8800 Series
  • Motorola: Q Q9c Q9m
  • Palm: Centro Treo: 650 680 700p 700w 700wx 750 755p Tungsten: E2 T5
  • HTC: Title 8525 Mogul Touch XV6700 XV6800 XV6900 Touch: Cruise Diamond Dual Cavalier S630
  • T-Mobile: Dash Shadow Wing

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