Kensington Security Lock for Netbooks (Silver)

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Kensington Security Lock for Netbooks

Model # K64588US

Don´t go through the hassle of packing up your netbook every time you get a refill at the coffee shop. With the Kensington Security Lock for Netbooks you can rest assured that your netbook will stay safe while you´re away. Great for dorm rooms, library use, any time you're out and about with your netbook. Protect your data and your machine. Kensington offers a complete collection of simple, reliable accessories made just for your netbook. From a self-coiling lock and compact power adapter, to mobile mice that make surfing a joy, and more. Each Kensington netbook accessory is sized to suit your netbook and fit easily in your travel bag. So visiting your local coffee shop is as easy as visiting your favorite website.

  • Silver, Security Lock for Netbooks


  • Quick setup with a cable that stretches from 3-Inch to 6 Feet
  • Keep your netbook safe with slim-profile lock
  • Attaches to the Kensington Security Slot found on netbooks
  • Self coiling cable
  • 4-wheel combination lock, up to 10,000 personalized combinations

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