OEM LG HBM-570 Bluetooth Wireless Headset - Silver

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OEM LG Bluetooth Handsfree Wireless Headset

Model # HBM-570

The LG HBM-570 Bluetooth Headset has a dual mic for noise reduction and Echo cancellation. Name Alert function reports caller ID of incoming calls. The HBM-570 is lightweight and offers fast and easy pairing multiple communication options and convenient volume control. The user friendly HBM-570 includes options such as Name Alert to announce incoming caller ID voice dialing last number redial call waiting call reject and auto-reconnect.


  • HBM-570 Bluetooth Headset
  • Travel Charger
  • User Manual


  • Dual Mic Echo Cancellation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Audible Pairing Assistance
  • Multi-Connection (2 phones)
  • Dedicated power button.
  • Name Alert technology


  • Silver
  • Up to 5 hours of Talk Time
  • Up to 150 hours of Standby time
  • Version # 2.1 + EDR
  • Range 33 Feet / 10 Meters

Compatible With:

  • LG: AX245 AX260 AX265 Rumor 2 AX355 AX380 AX490 AX500 Swift AX565 AX585 Rhythm AX840 Tritan AX8600 Ally VS740 Arena GT950 CE110 CF360 CF750 Secret CG300 CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHERRY CHOCOLATE MINT CHOCOLATE PINK CHOCOLATE WHITE CT810 Incite CU320 CU400 CU405 CU500 CU515 Black CU515 Plum CU575 CU720 Shine CU915 CU915 Vu CU920 CU920 Vu-TV Clout VX8370 Cosmos VN250 FUSIC Fathom VS750 Flare GD570 dLite GR700 Vu Plus GS170 GS390 Prime GS505 Sentio GT950 Arena GU292 GU295 GW300 GW620 Glance VX7100 LG230 LG357 LG600G LN240 LN510 Rumor Touch LONGHORN LX150 LX160 LX165 LX260 LX265 Rumor2 LX290 Virgin LX325 LX350 LX370 LX550 LX570 LX600 Lotus LX600 Lotus Red LX610 Lotus Elite Lotus Elite LX610 MT375 Muziq Black Muziq Pink Mystique UN610 Prime GS390 Rumor Rumor 2 AX265 Rumor Touch LN510 Scoop Sentio GS505 TRAX The V Tritan AX840 Tritan UX840 UN430 Wine 2 UN610 Mystique UX220 UX245 UX260 UX265 Banter UX280 Wine UX355 UX380 UX565 UX840 Tritan VN250 Cosmos VS740 Ally VS750 VS750 Fathom VX10000 VOYAGER VX11K enV Touch VX5300 VX5400 VX5500 VX7100 Glance VX8100 VX8300 VX8350 VX8350 Red VX8360 VX8370 Clout VX8500 VX8550 Black VX8550 Dark Blue VX8550 Dark Red VX8550 Ice Blue VX8560 Chocolate 3 VX8600 Red VX8600 Silver VX8700 VX8800 VX8800 VENUS VX9100 enV2 VX9400 VX9600 Versa VX9700 Dare VX9800 VX9900 Vu Plus GR700 WAVE Wine 2 UN430 dLite GD570 enV

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