OEM LG Headset Stereo for LG KF600 L600v KF510 KU990 Viewty KF310 KU800 KF300 KU580 Hero KF240 KU380 KE970 Shine KT610 KE850 Prada KS660 KE820 KS500 KE800 KS360 KE770 Shine

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This headset will allow you to communicate without you needing to remove any parts and you won't be interrupted by the waves emitted by your phone. Its stereo headphones will give you a maximum comfort. It allows you to manage your calls and listen to music on your mobile phone. You simply need to connect it.

For LG KF600 LG L600v LG KF510 LG KU990 Viewty LG KF310 LG KU800 LG KF300 LG KU580 Hero LG KF240 LG KU380 LG KE970 Shine LG KT610 LG KE850 Prada LG KS660 LG KE820 LG KS500 LG KE800 LG KS360 LG KE770 Shine LG KS20 LG KE500 LG KS10 Joy LG KE260 LG KP500 Cookie.

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