OEM Nokia Mobile Holder for 5100/6100/7100 Series Phones (Black)

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OEM Nokia Mobile Holder for 5100/6100 Series Phones (Black)

Ever questioned where to place your mobile phone handset when you are riding for your car? Have you had the matter of striking your cellphone handset anywhere for your car simply to misplace it somewhere for your car muddle? Neatly your Nokia cellphone hand set needn't suffer any longer with your main issue! The Nokia 5100/6100 sequence mobile phone holder supplies your cellphone its very own spot faraway from possibility clear ample to peer. One can simply situation your cellphone handset in this cellphone holder and not worry approximately it getting misplaced or broken. The cellphone is still firmly in situation while you keep on doing what you were doing. The holder has modern and elegant layout and does not make your interior look cumbersome. So cross and purchase one this present day! It really is compatible with Nokia 5100/6100 Series versions.

Compatible with:
  • Nokia 5100 6100 and 7100 series cell phones

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