OEM Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" Flip Cover Cover - Brown

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The simple ultra-minimal Flip Cover adds personality and color to your device while protecting the screen from scratches and smudges while in transit. Because it clips securely to your Tab S you won't have to worry about your Tab S shifting or slipping within the cover and it keeps the screen safe while in transit. Slim profile The Flip Cover adds very little thickness and weight thanks to the slim design. Save power Upon opening the Flip Cover your Tab S auto wake function is activated. Close the cover to activate sleep mode. Toss it and go You can be confident when your Tab S is protected by the Flip Cover even when in transit - not only is the screen kept safe from scratches and smudges but the body of your tablet is clipped securely to the cover so it won't shift or slip when inside your backpack or brief case.

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