OEM Samsung Universal Horizontal Black Pouch w/ Swivel

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New OEM Samsung Horizontal Black Pouch


This sleekly designed Horizontal Black Pouch was crafted to ensure protection of your Samsung wireless phone as well as withstand wear and tear. This pouch is ideal if you want to carry your wireless phone at your waist side. Features a non-removable swivel clip.

  • Black Enclosed Face Polyurethane Horizontal Pouch with swivel belt clip and magnetic closure.

Compatible With:

  • Samsung: Access Ace II SPH-I350 Adorn SCH-R600 Alias 2 SCH-U750 BeHold II SGH-T939 BlackJackII Black BlackJackII Red Blast Caliber SCH-R850 Comeback SGH-T559 Convoy SCH-U640 Cresent Crunch Finesse SCH-R810 Flight Freeform SCH-R350 Glyde Gravity 2 SGH-T469 Highlight SGH-T749 Houdini SGH-T939 Hue 2 SCH-R600 Impression SGH-A877 Instinct HD SPH-M850 Intensity (SCH-U450) Intrepid SPH-I350 Ace II Jack SGH-I637 Magnet SGH-A257 Mythic SCH-I910 Omnia (CDMA) SCH-R350 Freeform SCH-R520 Trill SCH-R600 Adorn SCH-R600 Hue 2 SCH-R810 Finesse SCH-R850 Caliber SCH-U320 SCH-U450 (Intensity) SCH-U640 Convoy SCH-U650 Sway SCH-U750 Alias 2 SCH-U810 Renown SCH-U940 SGH-A177 SGH-A257 Magnet SGH-A687 SGH-A697 Sunburst SGH-A797 SGH-A827 SGH-A867 Eternity SGH-A877 Impression SGH-A897 SGH-I617 SGH-I637 Jack SGH-T109 SGH-T119 SGH-T219 SGH-T229 SGH-T239 SGH-T339 SGH-T349 SGH-T429 SGH-T439 SGH-T459 Gravity SGH-T469 Gravity 2 SGH-T539 Beat SGH-T559 Comeback SGH-T636 SGH-T639 SGH-T659 SGH-T729 SGH-T739 Katalyst SGH-T749 Highlight SGH-T819 SGH-T919 Behold SGH-T929 Memoir SGH-T939 BeHold II SGH-T939 Houdini SPH-I350 Ace II SPH-I350 Ace II Intrepid SPH-M330SPH-M800 Instinct SPH-M810 Instinct S30 SPH-M850 Instinct HD Strive Sunburst SGH-A697 Trill SCH-R520

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