PanaVise Custom InDash Mount for the Hyundai Azera (75118-806)

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PanaVise Custom InDash Mount for the Hyundai Azera

Model #: 75118-806

The Panavise InDash Custom Mount eliminates exposed holes in vehicle for clean, easy, and nearly invisible phone mount installation. Proudly made in the USA from the highest quality heavy gauge steel, this Panavise Custom Indash Mount has been fitted and produced specifically for your car to provide the utmost convenience and practicality. Complete mounting instructions are included with your purchase and are also available below.

Compatible Cars:

  • 2006-20011 Hyundai Azera
  • Mounting Instructions

    MOUNTING LOCATION: Right side of Radio

    TOOLS REQUIRED: Dash Tool, Hook Tool, Cutters, Towel, Phillips Screwdriver


    Step# 01
    With hook tool assist, remove the long trim strip that goes from above the glove box to the instrument panel. Starting form the passenger side pull to release total of (7) clips. Remove (3) exposed Phillips screws from above the radio and climate control bezel. Remove (2) screws from under the bottom of the radio and climate control bezel.

    Step# 02
    Remove the drivers side knee panel by removing the lower (2) Phillips screws. Pull from the top of the knee panel to release (2) clips. Remove (1) Phillips screws from below the ignition switch.

    Step# 03
    Begin to pull off the radio and climate control bezel from the top corners, releasing (5-6) clips. Work your way around the bezel, including the ignition switch cover to below the cubby and up around the right side of the bezel to the top releasing a total of (9) clips.

    Step# 04
    Move bezel to the right enough to get at the screws to the right side of the radio. Remove the screw. Place the mounting piece marked 32A onto the screw hole. Mark the lip area next to the radio you need to remove to allow mount to fit. With the cutters, carefully remove the section of lip you marked. Replace the 32A part and replace screw.

    Step# 05
    Replace the bezel starting from the left side. Install the (5) total screws. Align the ignition switch cover and finish bezel install. Replace the long trim strip, securing all (7)clips.

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