Panavise InDash Mount 06-09 Cadillac DTS 75109-506

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PanaVise Custom InDash Mount for the 2006-2009 Cadillac DTS

Model #: 75109-506

The Panavise InDash Custom Mount eliminates exposed holes in vehicle for clean, easy, and nearly invisible phone mount installation. Proudly made in the USA from the highest quality heavy gauge steel, this Panavise Custom Indash Mount has been fitted and produced specifically for your car to provide the utmost convenience and practicality. Complete mounting instructions are included with your purchase and are also available below.

Compatible Cars:

  • 2006-2009 Cadillac DTS
  • Mounting Instructions

    Mounting Location: Right Side of Radio Cavity KR

    Tools Required: Hook Tool and 9/32 Socket Driver

    Hardware Included: None

    Step# 01
    With hook tool remove the hook shaped bezel that goes from the right side of the Instrument Panel, down under the radio and climate control, to above the glove box, to the passenger door. Take care with this bezel as it is thin. Start at the lower corner of the radio releasing (2) clips. Continue up the left side of the radio releasing (3) more clips. Then up the right side of the radio with (2) more clips. Tilt the bezel from the bottom "slightly". Pullout on the bezel releasing (4) ratcheting clips. It will be noisy.

    Step# 02
    With 9/32" socket driver remove the (2) screws from the right side of the radio. Place the InDash by PanaVise Mount over the (2) screw holes and replace the screws. Make sure the mount lines up with the side of the dash.

    Step# 03
    Replace the bezel by tilting the bottom out and angling the top to below the air bag and inserting the ratcheting clip posts into the clip receiver. Push in the bezel until it fits in place. Install the clip to the right of the air vent and work your way around the radio etc.

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