Monster MC700HD-4M High Speed HDTV HDMI Cable (4 meters) 13FT

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MONSTER MC700HD-4M 4M HDMI High Speed Digital Audio Video Cable

When it comes to HDMI higher speed means higher performance. Invest in a true high speed HDMI cable Monster 700HD for all the vivid color immersive sound and excitement you expect from your high definition home theater. With a cable bandwidth of greater than 4.95 Gbps you will know you're maximizing the performance of your 1080p HDTV advanced DVD player and HD cable/satellite receiver.Featuring exclusive connector technologies and precision wound conductors 700HD maximizes digital signal transfer. The payoff: a breathtaking picture free of common cable induced artifacts such as streaks and flashing pixels. Step up to 700HD and experience a level of high definition that's beyond expectations.

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