PureGear Snap-on Slim Shell Silicone Case for Galaxy S6 - Clear/Black

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PureGear Snap-on Slim Shell Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 - Clear/Black

You’ve made the investment of buying a Samsung Galaxy S6 – now you need the right case to protect it from well you. The PureGear Slim Shell is made with the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with advanced rubber and polycarbonate materials to give you peace of mind that if you accidentally do something mean to your phone it will be protected.

Slim in size big on functionality

We know when you need to take the case off you don’t want to spend time fumbling with something that’s so hard to remove you’re worried you might break the thing. The PureGear Slim Shell for the Moto G (3rd Gen) features a one-piece design that makes the case easy to snap on and off.

Additionally the PureGear Slim Shell features new metal and power buttons that provide more protection and stand out to access your phone more quickly. This is especially helpful if say you forget to turn off your phone in a movie theater and can silence it before you get glares from your fellow movie goers.

Compatible With:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6

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