Retro 8-Cup Hot Air Popcorn Maker

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With its wonderful retro look this is a table-top sized party pleaser. In just minutes, family and friends can enjoy the taste of freshly popped popcorn! Its electric popping system uses hot air instead of oil, producing a light and healthy snack. This popcorn maker comes with a measuring cap that assures the proper amount of kernels are used in each batch. Enjoy the fresh taste of hot popcorn in minutes! Convenient Countertop Size With a classic Coca-Cola look, this unit is a tabletop party pleaser! Pops up to 8 cups of popcorn at a time. Healthy, Oil-Free Popping Since hot air poppers don?t use oil, you get to enjoy a healthy and guilt-free snack! Vortex Popping Chamber Unique popper chamber is designed to create a swirling airflow that results in fewer unpopped kernels. Treat Yourself Settle in and enjoy a fresh, hot and healthy batch of oil-free popcorn! Features 8-Cups: Pops up to 8-cups of popcorn per batch Nostalgia Popcorn Kits: Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Popcorn Kits! (Theater Hot Air Kit-KPK400, PCJ30-Soft shelled Popping Kernels, PPB600-Reusable Popcorn Bowls) Healthy Treat: Healthy, oil-free popping Includes: Measuring cap to ensure proper amount of kernels used Popping Chamber: Unique popping chamber design creates swirling airflow that results in fewer unpopped kernels Convenient countertop size

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