Samsung Universal Hydro-Foam Pouch for Samsung A950 I645 A970 A890

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Samsung Universal Hydro-Foam Pouch (Black)

The Hydro-foam case has been crafted and tailored to ensure protection of your phone. This case is an original Samsung accessory crafted with the highest quality. This case has a built in clip located on the back of the case that will allow you to wear your Samsung phone on your side in complete comfort.

Compatible With: Samsung: SCH-A310 SCH-A530 SGH-S307 SPH-I500 VGA1000 SPH-A600 SGH-E105 SGH-X105 SGH-X426 SPH-a660/VI660 SGH-E715 SCH-I600 SCH-A610 VM-A680 SGH-P107 SCH-A650 SCH-A670 SGH-E316 SGH-D415 MM-A700 SGH-X427M SGH-E317 SCH-A790 SGH-C225 SP-i600 SGH-e315 SPH-A760 SGH-p735 SPH-A740 SCH-N330 SCH-A890 SPH-A790 SGH-P777 SCH-A570 SGH-E635 SGH-E335 SPH-A880 SGH-X497 SPH-A840 SPH-A560 SCH-A970 SCH-A630 SCH-A850 SPH-A820 SCH-A950 SGH-T309 SGH-D307 SGH-D357 SCH-A795 SPH-A900 SGH-T809 SPH-A920 SGH-ZX10 SGH-X507 SCH-A870 SGH-T209 SPH-A580 SCH-A930 SGH-D407 SGH-T609 SGH-T319 SCH-A610-mp SCH-A670-mp SCH-A850-mp SGH-D347 SCH-A670U SGH-D807 SGH-T709 SPH-A640 SCH-A990 SGH-ZX20 SCH-A645-mp SCH-A645 SPH-A420 SGH-T719 SGH-C417 SCH-A645U SGH-A707 SGH-X427

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