Tech21 Evo Check Case for LG G5 - Clear/White

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Tech21 Impact Absorbing Evo Check FlexShock Hybrid Case for LG G5 - Clear/White

The super thin and light Tech21 ™ Evo Check cushions repels and dissipates the possible damage caused by impacts thanks to ultra-efficient FlexShock technology. Its raised frame protects the screen from possible scratches and bumps.

Reliable protection

Protect your phone against falls of up to 6.6 feet. * Tech 21 Evo Go has 3 layers of protection and Flexshock material to protect your LG G5 against damage caused by impacts.

The power of Impactology ™.

Make the most of your phone case. Impactology combines scientifically proven materials smart designs and easy-to-use features to create cases that enhance the beauty of your smartphone and at the same time provide premium impact protection.

Stay protected with FlexShock.

FlexShock which is a state-of-the-art hybrid material with multiple protection stages absorbs and repels the energy of an impact before dissipating the remains through its molecular structure. Use geometric structures such as panels to improve phone protection.

Compatible With:

  • LG G5

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