VanD Clear Flashing Case for Galaxy S4/i9500 with Black LED Cover

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Shine your light. Stylish and unique the VanD Clear Flashing Case lights up when you receive incoming phone calls SMS and MMS text messages. To enable this feature simply go into Settings-My Device-Accessibility and turn on Flashing notification. Patented technology uses the LED Flash from your Galaxy S4 to light the entire case. Flashing LED notifications use up less than 1% of your battery life during typical use in a day. (Based on 100 incoming calls and 5 seconds to answer each call) The Sliding LED Flash Cover allows you to take pictures with your flash. High Quality Polycarbonate Case protects your Galaxy S4 from drops and scratches. Light up your music with the VanD Clear case and the free Flame VanD Case app from the Google Play store. Please note that the color describes the color of the flash cover.

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