Ventev 1A EcoCHARGE Mini USB Wall Charger - Universal

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Ventev - 1A Mini USB EcoCHARGE Wall Charger

The Ventev EcoCHARGE Wall Charger is the most advanced, energy-efficient travel charger on the market. Engineered and designed for the most demanding user in mind, the EcoCHARGE not only delivers a compelling range of travel friendly technology innovations, but it also provides charging power only when needed, making it the most advanced "green" charger available today. The EcoCHARGE uses less energy than other chargers in the market, making it 10 times more efficient! Decreasing the usage of electricity is just one way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. The EcoCHARGE is ENERGY STAR certified and receives the highest rating allotted for cell phone chargers. This advanced charger has a hidden USB port for charging two devices at once. The USB output meets the USB specifications and therefore is universal and can charge USB compatible devices.

Compatible With:

  • Universal for phones using Mini USB

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