WireX Dyna Glo Car Charger for Samsung M300 M520 M800 R430 U940

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Dyna Glo Car Charger for Select Samsung Phones

Standard car power charger gives you the charging performance needed while traveling in your vehicle. For easy recharging of your cell phone just plug the car charger into the power socket of your vehicle and it will begin instantly replenishing your mobile phone's battery. Ensure that your phone is always charged and ready to make an important call. Car charger is designed to optimize performance portability and storage capabilities.

Compatible with: SGH Series: A107 A117 A127 A137 A167 A177 A226 A227 A237 A257 Magnet A517 A551 A637 A657 A697 Sunburst A736 A737 A747 Slm A767 Propel A777 A827 Access A837 Rugby A867 Eternity A877 Impression A887 Solstice B100 B210 B300 B310 B320 B510 B2100 Xplorer B2700 B5702 B5722 D880 Duos D980 E1070 E1100 E1110 E1120 E1125 E1310 E210 E2100B E2210B E215 E2510 F110 Adidas MiCoach F200 F210 F250 F268 F270 Beat F330 F400 F480 Tocco F490 F498 F700 G600 G800 i450 i617 Blackjack II i627 Propel pro i637 Jack i640 i640v i740 i780 i788 i900 Omnia GSM i907 Epix i7110 i7410 OMNIA HD i8910 J700 J800 Luxe L760 M110 Solid M150 M200 M300 M305 M510 M520 M600 M6710 BEAT DISC M7500 M7600 BEAT DJ M8800 Pixon P260 P520 Armani DM-S105 S3030 Tobi S3110 S3500 S3600 Gorby / Genio Touch S3650 Star/Tocco Lite GT-S5230 S5600 S7220 ULTRA B S7330 S7350 ULTRA S8300 Ultra Touch T109 T119 T139 T229 T239 T339 T349 T401g T409 T419 T429 T439 T459 Gravity T469 Gravity 2 T539 Beat T559 Comeback T639 T659 T729 Blast T739 Katalyst T749 Highlight T819 T919 Behold T929 Memoir U900 Soul. Samsung SPH Series: A513 Fin A523 Mysto i325 Ace L600 L700 L760 L768 L810 L870 M300 M305 M310 Slash M300 M305 M340 Mantra M510 M520 M800 Instinct M810 Instinct II/Eten S30 Instinct Z400

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