WowWee W0124 AppGear ZombieBurbz Diner Edition

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Meet The Zombies: Zombies Are Tired Of Being Misunderstood By Their Neighbors. They're Just Your Average Slowly Decomposing Suburbanites Who Want To Keep Up With The Joneses Not Eat Them. Help These Undead Trash-Munchers Achieve The Suburban Dream Fight Off Angry Mobs Of The Living And Feed Their Craving For garbage.. Amplified Reality: Experience Unlife As A Zombie-Without The Pesky Smell. Each Deluxe Zombie Figure Unlocks Its Own Unique Storyline And Missions. Dead Simple Controls: Just Shuffle Deluxe Zombie Figures Across Screen To Interact With App. Fight To The Re-Death: Find And Use Traps And Weapons To Fight Human Hordes Who Want To Drive You Out Of Town. Fend Off Attackers With Screams Burps Snotballs And Even More Wretched Weapons. Trick Enemies With Stash-O’-Cash Zombie-In-A-Box Piñata And Other Treacherous Traps.Contents:3 Collectible Zombie Figures And 1 Deluxe Zombie Figure1 Deluxe Zombie Figure Per Pack

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