ZAGG Screen Protector for Pixel 3a InvisibleShield Tempered Glass Elite

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ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite Screen Protector for Pixel 3a

Give your smartphone the 4x screen protection it deserves.* The Glass Elite Screen Protector features Ion exchange technology for enhanced surface compression and scratch resistance. Its subtle, beveled edges defend against chipping and blend seamlessly with your Google Pixel 3a.

Smudge-free defense.

Keep your screen looking like new. ClearPrintâ„¢, Glass Elite's exclusive new surface treatment, disperses the oil from your fingertips for a clear and uninterrupted display.

Soft to the touch.

The Glass Elite Screen Protector' smooth and silky surface preserves the natural feel of your Pixel 3a's screen.

Easy application.

Skip the hassle. EZ Apply tabs give you a simple and accurate way to attach your screen protector.

Compatible With:

  • Pixel 3a

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