10 Pack - Reiko TPU Design Case for Galaxy S8 Edge With 3D Soft Silicone Poke Squishy Rainbow Cloud

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10 Pack - Reiko Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge TPU Design Case With 3D Soft Silicone Poke Squishy Rainbow Cloud. - TPU design case with rainbow cloud moscot made from premium soft silicon unibody design eunsures maxium protection - Impeccable touching texture the Rainbow Cloud helps you release stress and it can act as a kickstand. - Easy one-step moscot attachment/detachment protect your phone from being scratched - If the silicon mascot gets dirty it can be cleaned with hand sanitizer or alcohol swab - Compatible with Samsung S8 Edge Each 10 Pack includes an Unlimited Cellular MicroUSB to Type C adapter (makes all your microUSB chargers Type C compatible).

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