5 Pack -Griffin PowerJolt 30-Pin Power Charger for Apple iPad 1 2 3 iPhone 4 iPod 4

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Griffin Technology PowerJolt 30-Pin Power Charger for Apple iPad iPhone and iPod

The Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger features an ultra-fast charger to help you with your battery needs whenever and wherever you drain your battery while you're driving. With 2.1 amps of power it's one of the fastest car chargers available in the market and it will charge your device in the fastest possible way. All you need to do is plug it in your car with 12 volts of power and you're good to go.

The PowerJolt USB car charger has detachable USB cable that you may use to charge other compatible devices other than Apple's iPhone iPod and iPad. This versatile and efficient Griffin car charger is small enough to take wherever you go. It's definitely a must-have for road trips and vacations.

You also don't have to set your focus away from the road while driving due to constantly checking your phone to know if it's already fully charged because this Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger also offers an illuminated charging status indicator to easily recognize if your device is fully charged or is still in the process of charging.

This Car Charger from Griffin is one of the most trusted car chargers for iPhone iPods and iPads. It's compatible with iPod nano 1st gen up to iPad 3rd generation. Stuck in the road with low battery? The Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger is here to help you. It's also compatible with other USB-compatible devices.

Need a car charger with Lightning Cable? You can also use the Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger with a Lightning to Apple 30-Pin adapter to charge newer Apple iDevices.

Compatible with:

  • Apple iPad iPhone and iPod

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