5 Pack -OEM Samsung In-Ear Stereo Hands-Free Headphone Short 3.5mm Universal Headset for i900 U900 G800 F480 B210

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This is a 5 pack! Samsung's AAEP473SBE Stereo Hands-Free Headphone was designed to bring serious sound to the activities you find yourself doing every day whether you’re surfing the web for viral videos or studying for that exam. Classical rock hip hop or country these earphones deliver your sound in seamless definition. Noise isolating earbuds drown out background noise and improve the audio response of just about any audio device – mp3 players smartphones tablets that last treadmill with a TV... even those airplane seat arms. Note: This headphone does not include a built-in microphone. That means that this product is suitable for listening to music but can not be used to make calls.

Compatible with: Samsung B210 B2700 B300 B3410 B3410W B510 C5130 C6620 D880 DuoS D980 DuoS E1130B Rocky E215 F110 MiCoach F200 F210 F250 F400 F480 Tocco F490 F700 G600 G800 G810 i200 i900 Omnia L760 M110 Solid M150 M200 M3200 Beat S M3510 Beat B M7500 Emporio Armani M8800 Pixon P260 P520 Armani Qbowl S7330 U900 Z720

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