5 Pack -OEM Sony Ericsson HCA-20 Car Kit Antenna Cable HCE-12

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This is a 5 pack!

OEM Sony Ericsson HCE-12 Antenna Cable

Model # DPY901130

On the move should never mean out of reach. The high-capacity Antenna Cable connects your dedicated Car Holder to your car's own antenna guaranteeing top-notch reception. FME Male connector.
*Requires phone holder to make connection (sold separately).

  • FME Male Antenna Cable HCE-12. Requires phone holder to make connection

Compatible With:

  • Ericsson: A2218Z A2218z R300LX R300d R300z R520 T28 T28 WORLD T28z T39 T39m T60d T60lx
  • Sony Ericsson: K500 K700 K750 K790 M600 P800 P900 P910 P910a P910i P990 T200 T300 T306 T310 T316 T61 T610 T616 T61C T61c T61d T61g T61lx T630 T637 W600 W710 W800 W810 W950i Z600 Z710

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