5 Pack -Wilson Universal Antenna Adapter Cable Signal Boost

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This is a 5 pack!

Wilson Universal Antenna Adapter Cable For Mobile Phone

  • Model # 359909

This Wilson Cellular Antenna adapter cable with FME male connector allows you to attach a external antenna to your phone/device to significantly increase receive and send signals.

  • Universal Antenna adapter cable

Compatible with:

  • LG: 5200 series VX3200 VX6000 VX6100 VX7000 VX800 VX8100
  • Motorola: E310 T193 T720 T721 T722 T730 T731 V300 V400 V505 V547 V551 V555 V600 V710 E815
  • Samsung: A310 A500 A530 A540 A600 A620 A650 A660 (VI660) A670 A680 (VM-680) A700 A740 A760 A790 A890 D415 E105 i700 N240 N370 S307 VGA1000 X426 X427
  • MSiemens: MDA 111 PDA 2K SX66
  • Pantech: CDM180 PN215 PN218 PN300
  • UTStarcom: HTC Apache PPC-6700 XV-6700

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