5 Pack -Wireless Solutions MiniUSB Car Charger for Motorola iDen i290 VU204 W377 W233 VE465

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This is a 5 pack!

Wireless Solutions Vehicle Power Adapter for Motorola iDen i290 VU204 W377 W233 and VE465 (Frost) - 391013-Z

Wireless Solutions Retractable Vehicle Power Adapter is a compact yet powerful car charger. The car charger supplies your mobile phone with power and also charges the phone's battery with a completely retractable 3 ft. power cord.

Wireless Solutions car phone chargers are easy to operate and even easier to store. This cell phone charger is uniquely designed with a retractable heavy duty cord that returns to its original shape after multiple stretches. This retractable vehicle power adapter is compatible with phones using a Mini USB charging platform.

Compatible with:

  • Motorola iDen i290 VU204 W377 W233 and VE465.

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