5 Pack -Wireless Solutions Vehicle Car Charger for HTC T4300 S621 (Black) - 474987-Z

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Wireless Solutions Vehicle Car Charger for HTC T4300 S621 (Black) - 474987-Z

Are you worried your battery going dead while you drive? This handy cell phone car charger will keep you connected. Don't get caught in your car without a power source for your mobile phone. This charger supplies your phone with power and also charges the phone's battery. Car charger lets you turn your cars cigarette lighter port into a power source Power up on the go with this mobile charger.Charge your battery while you talk. Boost your cell phone battery in seconds. Stop low battery beep immediately and prevent drop and missed calls due to no battery power.

Compatible with:

  • AT&T: 8900 8925 Tilt
  • Cingular: 2125 Faraday 8100 Wizard 8125 Wizard 8500 Hermes 8525 Hermes
  • HTC: P4300 S620 S621 Shadow Touch Pro Diamond Dual Wing Google G1
  • SunCom: Excalibur
  • T-Mobile: Dash
  • UTStarcom: BULLDOG Vogue SMT5700 SMT5800 MP6900 MP6950 PPC5800 PPC5800 PPC6700 PPC6800 PPC6850 XV6700 XV6800 XV6850 XV6950

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