AT&T Dual Output Car Charger for LG CU720 Shine CU915 CU915 Vu CU920 CU920 Vu-TV Cookie KP500 Flare GT365 Neon

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OEM AT&T Car Charger

Keep your LG phone charged and ready even when you're on the road. This lightweight and convenient charger connects easily to your car's power adapter/cigarette lighter. The charger also includes an Integrated USB port which lets you charge another device like an MP3 player or another cell phone at the same time via a USB cable. To use the USB port rotate the cap and insert a USB charging cable.

  • Dual Output Vehicle Power Adapter with USB port

Compatible With:

  • LG: AX260 AX275 AX380 AX565 AX8600 CB630 Invision CE110 CG180 CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHERRY CHOCOLATE MINT CHOCOLATE PINK CHOCOLATE WHITE CP150 CU515 Black CU515 Plum CU720 Shine CU915 CU915 Vu CU920 CU920 Vu-TV Flare GT365 Neon Invision LX150 LX160 LX165 LX260 LX570 Muziq Black Muziq Pink Rumor Scoop UX260 UX565 VX10000 VOYAGER VX5400 VX8350 VX8350 Red VX8500 VX8550 Black VX8550 Dark Blue VX8550 Dark Red VX8600 Red VX8600 Silver VX8700 VX8800 VX8800 VENUS VX9400 VX9900 WAVE enV

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