Bower 4-in-1 Drone Essentials Kit with Caps & Filters for Phantom 4 & Phantom 3

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The Bower 4-in-1 Drone Essentials Kit for Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Advanced, and Phantom 3 Professional Drone Models. Bring your high-resolution video to the next level with the Drone Essentials Kit from Bower. Filter Kit: - Circular Polarizing Filter eliminates reflections and intensifies color saturation for added detail. - Achieve a more cinematic look with the Neutral Density Filter, designed to slow the cameras shutter speed to creatively blur moving objects. - Ultra violet Filter protects and increases overexposure in bright conditions by blocking UV light. - 1 Ultraviolet Filter, 1 Circular Polarizing Filter, 1 Neutral Density 4 Filter, 1 Neutral Density 8 Filter, and 1 Protective Case with 4 Inner Pockets. Cleaning Kit: - Makes cleaning your lens fast, effective and absolutely 100% safe. - 1 Lens pen, 1 Dust blower, 1 Cleaning solution, 1 Microfiber Cloth Heavy-Duty Memory Card Wallet: - Snap in design. compatible with all CF, SD & Micro SD memory cards. - Durable construction built to protect your hi-res photos and videos from shock and pressure. Metal Lens Cap: - Protects the lens from dirt, dust, and scratches during travel. Lens Hood: - Blocks the sun or light source to prevent unwanted glare and lens flares in your hi-res footage.

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