Disposable Face Mask, Workstation Splash Mask (50 pack)

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Disposable Face Covering is used as a physical barrier to protect the user from hazards, such as splashes of large droplets of liquids or fluids. They may also keep contaminated fingers/hands away from the mouth and nose.

“This is NOT a medical or corona prevention mask”

Face covers are not designed or certified to prevent the inhalation of small airborne contaminants. These particles are not visible to the naked eye but may still be capable of causing infection. Masks are not designed to seal tightly against the user's face. During inhalation, much of the potentially contaminated air can pass through gaps between the face and the mask and not be pulled through the filter material of the mask. Their ability to filter small particles varies significantly based upon the type of material used to make the surgical mask, so they cannot be relied upon to protect workers against airborne infectious agents. Only masks that are cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be legally marketed in the United States have been tested for their ability to resist blood and body fluids.

Material:3 ply, non-Woven Fabric

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