gear4 D3O Crystal Palace Case for iPhone XS Max - Clear

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gear4 D3O Crystal Palace Case for Apple iPhone XS Max - Clear

A high level of protection and a transparent, lightweight design ensure that your phone is protected from the effects of various everyday events and at the same time looks good.

phone in Gear4 housing is resistant to the effects of falls even from over 3m thanks to the use of the intelligent D3O polymer. An additional protection is the rear part made of the material used to make bulletproof glass.

Nothing protects your phone better than D3O. This material allows you to design thin structures while maintaining the highest possible level of protection against bumps and falls. This is the same material that is used in the production of accessories and protective clothing for the army, athletes and industrial workers around the world. The D3O polymer is made of molecules that move freely - however, as a result of a violent impact, the individual molecules approach each other and connect. This design means that during everyday use, the housing remains flexible, while hitting it hardens, creating a protective layer for the phone

Compatible With:

  • Apple iPhone XS Max

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