Gear4 Victoria D30 Case for iPhone XR - Fabric (Purple/Clear)

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Gear4 Victoria D30 Shockproof Case for Apple iPhone XR - Fabric Purple/Clear

GEAR4 Windsor case (Fabric Purple Clear) provides all around protection with extra D3O. This clear PC case features colors to match your device on the inside. GEAR4 ultra slim design is scratch protected by UV cured coating. The clear lens eventuates the new camera detail.

INJECT ABLE D3O Gear4 cases are manufactured using INJECTABLE D3O. This results in a higher D3O density allowing Gear4 to create ultra-slim, stylish and protective cases which offers thinner and better protection than ever before.

MILITARY DROP-TEST CERTIFIED®: All Gear4 cases are designed to withstand drops from up to 3 meters high and are drop-test certified to meet military standards (MIL STD 810G-516.6)

Compatible With:

  • Apple iPhone XR

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