Google Earth Trends Live Case for Google Pixel 5" - Moindou

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Discover new places while protecting your phone with the Google Earth Live Case for Pixel. Original in its concept and design the Live Case not only protects your Pixel and makes it look great but also lets you explore the best of Google Earth. With its companion live wallpaper the Google Earth Live Case displays landscapes shot from space right on your phone's screen. Press the case's programmable shortcut button to explore each location in Google Maps or set it up to open your favorite app. Beautiful and protective. The Live Case features striking imagery from Google Earth. It's also simple to snap on and snap off for Pixel protection. Bring your phone to life with the live wallpaper. Enjoy the natural beauty of Earth with companion live wallpaper that shows a curated collection of beautiful landscapes from Google Earth. Customizable shortcut button. The key to it all is the programmable shortcut button on the back of the Live Case. Use the shortcut button on the case to launch Google Maps. Or customize the button to for example launch your favorite app open your phone's camera or turn Wi-Fi on or off.

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