iGRIP miniTRAVELER Charging Dock Universal - Black

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iGRIP miniTRAVELER Charging Dock Universal - Black

Keep your hands on the Wheel and eyes on the Road when driving with this German engineered Universal Charging Dock. With the iGrip miniTraveler your phone GPS or iPod will be securely positioned in an upright and easy to view position while driving. No more looking for or holding your device when navigating traffic! The perfect compliment for anyone using a Bluetooth hands-free solution while driving. With its included charging capabilities you can keep your phone's battery fully charged when you need it most. This combination cradle with sturdy swivel mount is the right choice for if you have ANY cellular phone or MP3 player. This universal cradle keeps your phone in a secure and upright position and provides a Handsfree option with charging capability that can easily be removed and stored when not in use. Be Handsfree - drive safely!

Compatible with:

  • Apple iPhone 3g 3gs 4s and 5

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