Key Liquid Glass Screen Protector with $200 Replacement Guarantee

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KEY's Liquid Glass Screen Protector gives tempered-glass-like protection to any phone. Can't find a screen protector that fits your device? Want to avoid terrible looking black lines or adhesive showing screen protectors on curved screens? Or avoid glass screen protectors on your iPhone because they can crack? Then go with liquid glass! KEY's Liquid Glass gives your phone an ultra-protective, scratch resistant, high density barrier against the elements. It contains Silicon Dioxide SiO2 "pure glass", which are glass held in liquid form. Get superior 9H hardness rating, with perfect form-fitting coverage that beats any film or solid glass protector. It's also splash proof, and gives you optimal screen visibility for ultra-clear retina display clarity with an Nano-coating that keeps your device hygienic as it contains an formula. Best of all, the KEY Liquid Glass Screen Protector comes with a $200 screen protection replacement guarantee.

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