KT-1610 BPA Free 1L Cordless Electric Kettle, White

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The Brentwood KT-1610 BPA Free 1L Cordless Electric Kettle, White boils water faster than a microwave and safer than a stove top kettle. Water boils within minutes with a single push of a button. Cordless kettle lifts off the base for easy pouring. Extra wide mouth for fast filling. With one handed operation, conveniently make hot tea, French press or pour over coffee, instant oatmeal and more. Completely BPA Free electric kettle keeps water free of impurities. Unit automatically shuts off once water reaches a boil. Boil Dry Protection added for safety. 1L Capacity Cordless for Easy Filling and Pouring Lightweight, One Hand Operation Auto Shut Off once water reaches boil Dual Water Level Windows BPA Free Removable Mesh Filter Boil Dry Protection Power indicator light

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