KuKu Mobile Dual Mode High Speed Micro USB Cable - 3 Feet

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KuKu Mobile Dual Mode High Speed Micro USB Cable (Black)

Features and Benefits

  • Can operate in 2 different Modes: Data or Fast Charging modes *** SELECT the appropriate operation mode before inserting the micro USB connector to your smartphone or tablet
  • Data Mode: - turn the switch away from the LED and LED will be off for high speed data transfer like ordinary USB cable
  • Fast Charging Mode: - turn the switch towards the LED and Green LED will be on for charging your smartphone/tablet at high speed from a powerful charger or computer USB socket like our fast charging USB cable.
  • Thick cable with heavy-duty AWG#22 power wires can support fast charging of your smartphone or tablet
  • 1-meter (3 feet) standard length makes it easier to use your device during charging
  • Micro USB male connector at one end and USB Type A connector on the other end.

Compatible with:

  • Compatible with Android smartphones and tablets which have the micro USB charging interfaces.

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