KuKu SmartWatch Kid-Friendly Wearable Emergency Kids GPS Locator Monitor - Orange/Yellow/Whitew/White

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GW900 Yellow

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The watch has three basic work modes to upload location information: Normal mode power-saving mode and real-time-locating mode. They are different in interval time for location information uploading. Each work mode is effective only during the locating time for school days locating time for weekend and the locating function of the watch id disabled in other time periods. Product Features: *GPS + base station (two way station) *GPRS Real-Time Locating Tracking and Monitoring. - The map interface can display the location of the watch and mobile phone. Clock "Locate" to perform the real-time locating function for 3min (interval time for location information uploading: 10 seconds). The map interface can also indicate the real-time locating mode: red location icon - GPS mode blue locating icon - base station mode green location icon - WiFi mode. *Voice Monitoring - The watch can call the monitoring number to start a one-way conversation. *Intercom - make voice conversations between the watch and APP. Send voice messages from APP: enable the voice recording function and the APP will start recording the voice (up to 15 seconds) and send it to the watch. Press the SOS key of the watch to play such voice. *Alarm - When the watch triggers an alarm the mobile phone client will receive the alarm. Click the received alarm to enter the main interface of the APP and then enter "Information Center" to view the detailed information. *Footprints Step Counter - The watch is equipped with a 3D sensor which will count the steps when the user is walking or running. The user can enter the APP to view his/her movement information. *Exercise - Calculate the number of steps size and weight. Can also calculate step size. *Sleep Quality Judgement - The watch will judge the user's sleep quality from its turning frequency and amplitude. The user can enter the APP to view the judgement data. *Alarm Clock - Set up to 3 alarm clocks. *Find My Watch - Send this command and the watch will ring for 1 min so that you can find it. Press any key to stop the ring. *Security Zone - Set a minimum radius fence of 500m if the user goes out side the fence the alarm will trigger. *SOS Emergency Alarm - SOS emergency alarm can call three SOS numbers on after another twice unless the call is answered. The watch can send an alarm message to the monitoring number and an alarm notice to the APP. *"Watch Removed" Alarm - There is a sensor switch on the band. When the watch is worn for 3min or longer the "band removed" alarm will be triggered if it is removed. The watch will send an alarm message to the monitoring number and an alarm notice to the APP and display a "band removed" icon. *"Low Power" Alarm - The battery power is indicated in percentage. When it is lower than 20% the "low power" alarm will be triggered. The watch will send an alarm message to the minoring number and an alarm notice to the APP. *Remote Shutdown - The watch supports the shutdown with the SIM card uninstalled remote shutdown through the APP and power-failure shutdown.

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