LG Xenon GR500 Battery Door (Red)

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Lg Standard Battery Door/Battery Cover for LG Xenon GR500 (Red) - ACGA0035202-Z

The OEM Standard Battery Door / Battery Cover (Red) is the perfect replacement for your worn battery cover. Whether your original battery cover was lost damaged or full of unsightly scratches the OEM Standard Battery Door gives you the option of replacing the old cover with a brand new oneMake your phone look new again with this standard battery door. Simply remove the old door and install the new one.FEATURES: OEM back door serves as a perfect replacement or back up door for your cell phone Keep your cell phone look new and looking great with an OEM battery door. This OEM cover is specifically designed to fit your cell phone. OEM battery door / cover ensures works as well as your original battery door for your cell phone SPECIFICATIONS: Color: RedBattery Door Type: OEM battery doorNOTE: This battery door is only fit your original standard battery. Not for extended batteries. Battery does NOT include. Compatible With Lg Xenon GR500

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