MYBAT MICRO USB White Travel Charger with USB Port (2-in-1)

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SPECIFICATIONS Input:AC110-220V Output:5.0-5.5V 800-1000mA FEATURES Converts existing USB power cable to a travel charger. Adapter provides power to phones and other USB devices. Rapidly charges battery via a standard AC socket. Equipped with a Smart IC chip;monitors and regulates charging to preserve battery life. Interior components and the PCB mainboard are all made of SGS environmental protection material. Compatible with most phone, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, LG and other phones & gadgets. INSTRUCTIONS Insert USB Charger Adapter into a standard AC socket;a red light indicates a successful connection.Connect device via USB power cable.The device is now charging. To remove the USB Charger Adapter,first disconnect your device and the USB power cable.Gently remove the USB Charger Adapter from the standard AC socket.

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