OEM Motorola Mini USB Bluetooth Y Charger Adapter SKN6185

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OEM Motorola Bluetooth Charger Adapter

Model # SKN6185

Eliminate the need to carry two chargers - this OEM Charger Adapter allows for simultaneous charging of your Motorola phone and Bluetooth wireless technology companion product. Ideal charging solution if only one power outlet is available - no need to swap devices on single charger. Requires separate travel or car charger.

NOTE: This product is not intended to be used with two phones only with a phone and a companion product. Charge time will increase slightly for the phone when the companion product is connected to the charger at the same time.

  • Bluetooth Adapter Cable. Allows EMU handset and CEBus Bluetooth accessory to charge simultaneously. Requires EMU power supply (sold separately).

Compatible with:

  • Motorola SLVR L2 L6 L7 KRZR K1 K1m Moto Q PEBL U6 Razr V3 Razr V3c V3i V3m V3r V190 V195 V197 V235 V323 V325 V360 V361 V365 W315

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