PCTEL 3DB Cellular/PCS Dual-Band Trucker Mirror Mount Elevated Feed Phone Antenna

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PCTEL Cellular/PCS Dual-Band Cell Phone Antenna

PCTEL Antenna Specialists elevated feed dual band antenna provides 3dB gain and optimal omnidirectional coverage of both cellular and PCS frequencies. It features a 3/8" x 24 ferrule stud adaptable to standard mirror mount bracket mounts side-body mounts and shock springs. Its rugged design withstands high vibration truck environments. This antenna operates both on or off a ground plan without degradation in VSWR performance.

  • The PCTEL Antenna Specialists ASPDM913U is very popular for home use when the Yagi is more than you need - you just mount the antenna at the edge of the roof using the included right angle mount.

*Requires: Phone Adapter Cable: The ASPDM913U requires a phone adapter cable in order to connect to your cell phone

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