Evenflo Backseat Baby Mirror For Rear-Facing Child

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Safely keep an eye on your little one in the car with the Evenflo Backseat Baby Mirror. With this clear, shatter-resistant mirror, you will be able to see if your rear-facing child is happy, sad, asleep, awake, and of course, safe. Fully-adjustable straps simply attach to the headrest where they can be customized to fit most vehicle seats. Use in a horizontal or vertical position, depending on the view ideal for you and your vehicle. Lightweight and easy to install, this back seat mirror helps give you peace of mind that your child is safe and comfortable.Product Features:While driving with this back seat baby mirrorGives you peace of mind your child is safe and comfortableSimply attach to the headrest and use in vertical or horizontal position, customized to fit your vehicle’s seatAnd lightweight, perfect for moving from vehicle to vehicleEasy to Clean: Wipeable

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